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Multiple Reflections
10 September 2007

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Colorful Chicken
9 September 2007

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Peaceful Flower
8 September 2007

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Older Man
7 September 2007

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Power Plant Reflection
4 September 2007

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Iwo Jima at Dawn
29 August 2007

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Self Portrait
28 August 2007

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21 August 2007

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Reflection and Light
19 August 2007

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I will catch him
16 August 2007

Recent Comments

Jason Kravitz on The last view
these glass shots are excellent

Les Ducak on Colorful Chicken
Looks as if he was in the cockfight, poor thing. LesD

Rabbit on Multiple Reflections
Very very cool and interesting capture!

Jen on Multiple Reflections
Great reflection!

Stovepipe on Multiple Reflections
That's a fun shot. Looks like there's a fragmented self-portrait in it somewhere.

Amir on Colorful Chicken
This is so awesome

Aidan Hammond on Many Brushes
Nice shot. the reds and blues really work well together here, even though they are quite subtle.

Dimitrios on Many Brushes

Johnny Soedomo on Iwo Jima at Dawn
great shot

Aaron Schmidt on Iwo Jima at Dawn
This is stunning. An iconic shot with a nice twist.

Amir on Self Portrait
Nice camera, nice capture. Thanks for visiting mine.

Lee Waxman on Contemplation
@persian king - I actually light painted this picture. The room was totally dark and I used a flashlight to ...

Lee Waxman on Water on Window
This was photoshopped to bring out the color and t o get rd of a flash reflection. Lee

eydryan on Water on Window
wow, is this photoshopped or was it natural?

eydryan on So many bottles-So little time
great message :))

See The Light on So many bottles-So little time
Great shot.

Johnny Soedomo on So many bottles-So little time
nice shot

Walt on So many bottles-So little time
Cool shot...that many bottles, I'd be having some problems though... :)

badala on Water on Window
Fabulous effect.

aggie on The last view
A piece of abstract art. Well done.

Evi on Another View

alla on More Wine Glasses
Excellent!!! Haven't seen it before!

Rabbit on More Wine Glasses
A very pretty and creative shot.

Manuela Photography on More Wine Glasses
Excellent eye!

ROLANDs on More Wine Glasses
BEST! good shot !

Evi on More Wine Glasses
This absolutely stunning! Great work.

Szczesny on Wine Glasses
Very cool image. It caught my eye in the Thumbnail view...

Laurie on Wine Glasses
I agree, cool idea. I like's simple yet very creative. Nice job! =-)

JED on Wine Glasses
Good idea.

Persian King on Contemplation
Cool, how to you black out the background, I always wondered in these type of pictures.

Jason Kravitz on Riding Fast
nice pan - good shot Lee

Jason Kravitz on Reflection and Light
thi sis a cool concept - well done

Jason Kravitz on Red on Black
I like the isolation on black - might be worthwhile to crop the bottom a bit to get rid of the plastic or clone it out ...

Stickle on Reflection and Light
The spill of light really sells this shot.

JED on Red on Black
great contrast

Evi on Red on Black
beautiful, simple, delicate.

KM Faisal on Red on Black
nice shot

Johnny on Reflection and Light
nice shot

ROLANDs on Reflection and Light
good compo,i like,good bw

aggie on Reflection and Light
Interesting composition. Love the colour treatment.

Michael on Riding Fast
Awesome shot, it looks like he is levitating.

bm on Riding Fast
Very cool panning shot! You can feel his speed and the incredible effort it takes!

Dimitrios on I will catch him

LuisRodrigues on Race to the end
Great movement shot! Well done!

Josh on Race to the end
Yeah! Seriously, very nicely taken at F/32.0 panning!

W i d e p i x e l on Race to the end
Nice panning ^_^

Vanessa on Race to the end
Nice shot

Double KK Photography on Race to the end
cool photo

Jason Kravitz on Rooster with Red Cap
I've enjoyed all your bird shots. This one has some great colors. I'd add a little curve toning in Photoshop ...

Jason Kravitz on Black & Orange Butterfly
Lee - somehow I missed this one when you posted it. Great capture!

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